Saturday, January 7, 2012


My useless ability to inadvertently distract myself can be frustrating. It's sure not helpful when I'm sitting in algebra, listening to a lecture about how graphing can change your life, and seeping into a reverie regarding something that is possibly more vital than math.

That can be a problem. The sum of everything is that I get distracted by people in the class and start wondering who they are outside of class, what they're really up to, and if they're possibly incognito or actually themselves. Consequently, my curiosity multiplies. Add it all up, and I've learned half of what I was supposed to.

Blame it on my bookishness growing up [and to this day], but it's what forces me to be easily ensnared by my imagination. Now, I don't use it for nonsense like imagining about boys and such, but about places, stories and people.

Recently, I was pondering about what it'd be like to have grown up in a different place. No offense Washington.

But, I wonder what it would be like to grow up in Maine where you can explore lighthouses, learn how to sail, and enjoy many ripe blueberries and various lobster dishes. Or in Alaska, I'd live in an igloo or join a Native tribe [with my parent's consent], and marvel at the aurora borealis. England would be so swell too.

Point being, there's a myriad of cool places to have grown up in. The list goes on.
Where would you have wanted to grow up and why?


  1. aw, I think about this a lot too!
    maybe it would be fun to grow up somewhere more cool. But then, not having that fun stuff earlier in life gives me a chance to explore and see it all now, you know? Maybe I can give my kids an awesome childhood location :)

  2. I used to wish and think about places where I could have spent my childhood. Like Brazil, South Africa, or France! Then I realized that home is not where you are geographically, its where your family is.... ;)

  3. Also, WELCOME BAAACK! (Insert Oprah voice here)

  4. I think you turned out pretty good for comin out of Spokane ;)

  5. You know, I have the same thing! Every time I'm in public, I look at older people and wonder how they ended up here in Vancouver, and what they've been through in their lifetime. I have gotten so used to just living my own life, that it is so interesting to here the stories of other people.

  6. Glad to know I'm not the only one with such a curiosity!
    Irina: can you please do a real Oprah impersonation the next time I see you? :)