Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I don't know what your world is like. I see you, using your guiding stick, sauntering through campus. You have to feel where you are going. I'm not sure what that is like, not being able to see color or people or trees. All is know is that I find myself looking at this little world around me with wonder and awe; then you pass by, and teach me that this is a privilege. I remember blindfolding myself for games, growing up, and the sudden consuming black I'd face was a bit dreadful. Not dreadful for long though, because I knew the curtain would be lifted and I'd see my smiling friends again. But you were probably born with this blindfold on, and you're not able to take off. You have never been able to see the splendor of the stars or grandeur of a sunset, let alone your mama's face. I bet your imagination is well developed by now, putting faces to the voices you hear and colors to the texture you feel. I don't know what that is like. I always had a choice to develop my imagination, life did not force me to. It was something I developed for fun, not something I relied on to get me through the day. I do not know why God bestowed this healthy sight upon me, while you had to suffer throughout your life. I do know that the brief encounters between us, that you are unaware of, bear a heavy weight upon me. Your condition convicts me, it convicts me of my complacency and ungratefulness. I have you to thank for that, brave stranger. You possess much valor in my eyes.

Monday, January 24, 2011


Too much flow, is not the way I go:

Rugged books clasped firmly
Dozens of thoughts swarming
My oxfords are tightly on
Coffee cup half empty
Dewy grass lies ahead
I choose a treaded path instead
The fog mocks the sun
Encompasses me with it's presence
A mysterious dim essence

Again, in a hurry to get to class
My professor is not surprised
I began to scurry faster
To avoid his scolding eyes

A multitude of humans
All with different lives
Surround me as I pass them
To be in class on time

Friday, January 21, 2011

growing up

So, I was tagged over at the Rife Observatory, to post 7 things about growing up...but I wasn't sure what to include or leave I posted a bit extra..
Here goes something.

[My sister's on the left, I'm on the right]

When I was a wee one:

1. I loved things my dad had. I wanted all his scarves, desk pens, and vintage stuff [which later he let me keep a few things, like his Polaroid and binoculars and a scarf or two, plus some aviators..he is generous]. I have always admired my dad for having impeccable taste, honestly, that's so rare for a guy...and guess what? My dad goes to thrift shops for fun and gets the coolest things & best deals.

2. When I was little, I protested to having any kinds of pets, because I knew I would feel so distraught if they suddenly passed away.

3. I loved to go to bookstores and libraries, and could spend hours and hours there, while time would rapidly pass by. So you can imagine..I was more excited for a new book rather than a new outfit, or toy...

4. I ran the fashion column for my school paper, in tenth grade...yes, I know how cheesy that sounds. But it was fun!

5. Much to my shame, in ninth grade, my incessant chatter during Spanish class would get me sent out in the hall [ahem almost everyday] to sit on the blue "punishment" chair.

7. One year, I was determined to win the spelling bee. I was one of the two people to make it out of my class, but my defeat came too I was beat in one of the next rounds.

8. I played basketball in middle school, and had an illusionary dream of being in the WNBA. Of all the outlandish notions!

9. My nephew, who is three years younger than me, was probably my best friend throughout my childhood years. I got along with him better than anyone, and we'd have the grandest time together occupied by much adventures and laughter.

10. I ran home from school everyday, afraid of missing my beloved Arthur show..

11. I really craved to be a detective and solve mysteries [Nancy Drew might have had something to do with it]

Looking back, I now see how ridiculous I was as a child..oh boy..

I'm not going to tag anyone, but if you read this, you definitely should do a post like this too.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Young Victoria

Finally, finished the Young Victoria last night at a sleepover. And I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved the beautifully decorated scenes and dresses. Movies based on history, in general interest me. It's good to look in retrospect.

Friday, January 14, 2011

art & sleepovers

How creative are these pieces?!

More here

Also, this weekend, I'm throwing two sleepovers :). One with a dear friend on Friday. On Saturday, I'm throwing a sleepover for my niece and her friend [they're twelve], so it'll probably feel like I'm back in sixth grade. But I'm still excited! The adorable pictures below are from a sleepover that a blogger had with her cute little girl. Which of course, gives me more ideas. Perhaps we'll make a fort of some sort. Splendid.

Cute, huh?
Hope you all have a remarkable weekend!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Jenny Mortsell, a Swedish illustrator, possesses incredible talent. Here's a bit of her work.

Monday, January 10, 2011

He calls me daughter.

He sweetly calls me His daughter. I am considered a daughter of the Most High. What an honor. He knows me by name. Every time sin calls my name, His voice overpowers. His truth withstands any lie. I will wait for Him, He is coming back one day, and I will live in anticipation of seeing Him. He has prepared a place for me in His heavenly kingdom, and I cannot wait to live there. I am but a foreigner in this land, my real citizenship is that of a different country. I want to hear His voice tell me "well done, my good and faithful servant". To hear those words is worth all the scorn, pain, and rejection this world could render. My heart is overfilled with joy, as I realize all my sin is perpetually being forgiven, and that His mercies are new to me every single morning! His scarlet blood forgives all my sin, enabling me to be pure and righteous before Him. I want to be that girl that He sees..and says.."that's my daughter, I know she delights in me, here is a girl who loves me with all her heart". Wouldn't that be amazing to have the God of the universe search you and find you delighting in Him! That would bring Him tremendous delight. Won't you join with me in the pursuit to grow deeper in a relationship with God? :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Christianity is full of paradoxes that don't make sense to the world. Lose your life, so you can gain it. Deny yourself and be last, so you will be first. Boast in your weakness, so His strength will be made full in you. Throw away earthly treasure, grasp eternity. Love those who hate you.
The biggest paradox yet, that will never make sense to anyone blinded by the world: the Son of God [a King], coming down to earth and dying like a servant.

I figured out why I don't share the gospel enough or why timidity often overcomes me when it comes to speaking out about my faith. I've been trying to "protect and save" my life. How ridiculous, trying to protect something that isn't mine to begin with, trying to protect something not worth protecting like this. Protecting myself from scorn of man, I have been wasting my life. My life means nothing, if I "save" it and live it for myself. It will not be worth anything in the end, and definitely not worthy of eternity. If I hold onto my dear life, I will lose it in the end. However, if I count my life as nothing, let go of my self, give up my life and speak out amidst this society and against my timidity [holding firm to my beliefs], I will gain my life in the end. I want to lose it all for Him, pour my self out, and forget about me. God make the impossible by my own attempts, possible through your Spirit. Grant me strength and courage that I surely do not have yet.

This challenge..

Do you all remember this challenge I made for my myself on..Monday December 6, 2010??

Here it is:


I have decided I will stop inflicting harm on my hair with a straightener. I am going three months without straightening my hair. It's my new challenge. Natural, yeah. I'm sick of wasting time straightening my hair. Hello waves and curliness. I'm stuck with you for life. Phew.. glad I got that out there, and off my back.

Well guess what? I have kept up my challenge :), I still have not straightened my hair. Hoorah. Of course it's not been three months yet, but so far so good. And believe me, I have had some impulses to grab the straightener, but it's great to go natural!