Wednesday, June 15, 2011


That's it. I am resolved to now keep a prayer journal. I realize there are times when I pray fervently for something, then forget I prayed about it, and when God answers...I don't right away notice that the unfolding outcome of the situation or whatever it is, is actually God answering my prayer. Or I beg God to help me overcome a certain flaw I have, that seems impossible for me to be void of, and when God does give me victory over it I don't realize it's Him...and may even subconsciously give credit to myself.

I've got spiritual amnesia. I am just like the Israelites who witnessed amazing miracles that God performed, praised Him and then rapidly forgot what God did for them and shortly began to murmur and complain again. I used to scoff at the Israelites and their blunders, before I started seeing the same exact blunders in me.
How dare I complain about my life when God has proven Himself [not that He even needs to] to be faithful and good to me in the past? How could I forget the myriad of answered prayers I've received? How could I still find room to nurture doubt?

I'm so thankful for His patience with me. What a loving God He truly is.
This is exactly why I'm starting a prayer journal, so that I can record His wonderful blessings to me..rereading them sounds like a cure for any complaining and worry on my part.
Have you folks ever struggled with this? If so, what has helped you?