Friday, April 22, 2011


So this realization hit me: I have super talented friends. They're kind and humble too. What an awesome combination. Today I wanted to highlight two wonderful individuals.

I just want to give a shout out to my friend Olga [I sound like I'm on TV]. She's amazing at graphic design. Just pretty amazing in general too. Here are some of my favorite designs of hers.

and now onto Abby...
Abby is probably the most patient person in the world, she's a great listener, a faithful friend, and just overall awesome..not to mention like the best artist I know.
Here's one of my favorites from her art repertoire:
Aslan from Narnia of course.

Oh and she draws unique and really swell designs on coffee cups. Coffee shops everywhere are missing out..and they don't even know it.
Lookie here...

I know they're going to become incredible graphic designers. I wish you ladies the best, and I love you both immensely.

*Oh oh, I should totally get a logo made that says "featured on blossoming branches"...[like the style me pretty one] so Olga and Abby could put it on their blogs [and any other neat-o individual I feature]..HA, because I'm that prominent..actually not really.

*To friends who weren't featured: you are not any less talented, I just don't have all that room on my post..and you should probably just humble yourself and be happy. p.s. there's definitely plenty of opportunities for more posts in the future for you. I wholeheartedly accept bribes in exchange for a spot on my blog. We can work something out.

*Clarification: Abby and Olga did not bribe me, this was voluntarily, I promise.

Okay fine, I also have a friend named Artem, who's pretty talented at art. I mean just look at the first three letters of his name. [And he may or may not have bribed me to include him in this post]

Here's a really CUTE [haha..very intentional selection of that word there] design he made once upon a snow day or something.
Isn't it so adorable?


  1. oh wow! What talent! You have amazing friends indeed :)

  2. haha thanks for the clarification alla, and the feature :) you definitely should get the featured button! hah

    now im gunna have to start making cool things again

  3. haha alla you crack me up. Thanks, I'm honored to have been featured on your blog. That you would choose me of all people :)