Sunday, March 27, 2011


I have this thing for diners, I really like them. Especially, the good ol' all American family diners, where the waitress affectionately calls everyone sweetie or hon. I don't know why I seem to have an affinity for them, but I do. That's another reason why I like road trips, there's a perfect opportunity to stop at some of those. But I'm not taking a road trip tomorrow, this time I'm flying to LA. I'll be enjoying my time there and taking a break from blogging for this whole week. Hope you'll excuse the absence. Have a splendid week!


  1. sometimes you just want pancakes! or french toast :)

  2. so exciting!! have fun and take tons of pictures :)

  3. welcome back =) it was nice getting a glimpse of you yesterday!
    <3 mk

    p.s. you are overdue for an hour of relaxation at my place ;-)

  4. aw Mary it's always nice running into you :D
    YES, we're long overdue! We gotta plan a day already

  5. alla its bout time for a new post ;)

  6. I think I'll post tomorrow. HA.
    Yeah I know, I am long overdue for that too.