Monday, January 10, 2011

He calls me daughter.

He sweetly calls me His daughter. I am considered a daughter of the Most High. What an honor. He knows me by name. Every time sin calls my name, His voice overpowers. His truth withstands any lie. I will wait for Him, He is coming back one day, and I will live in anticipation of seeing Him. He has prepared a place for me in His heavenly kingdom, and I cannot wait to live there. I am but a foreigner in this land, my real citizenship is that of a different country. I want to hear His voice tell me "well done, my good and faithful servant". To hear those words is worth all the scorn, pain, and rejection this world could render. My heart is overfilled with joy, as I realize all my sin is perpetually being forgiven, and that His mercies are new to me every single morning! His scarlet blood forgives all my sin, enabling me to be pure and righteous before Him. I want to be that girl that He sees..and says.."that's my daughter, I know she delights in me, here is a girl who loves me with all her heart". Wouldn't that be amazing to have the God of the universe search you and find you delighting in Him! That would bring Him tremendous delight. Won't you join with me in the pursuit to grow deeper in a relationship with God? :)


  1. Absolutely! I would love to join you!!!!
    Thanks for this post! Needed to be reminded of how special God thinks I am!

  2. Oh Alla. Beautiful!
    I know our Father is glad to see you faithful to Him, calling others to do the same, and JOYFUL in His holy joy.