Friday, January 21, 2011

growing up

So, I was tagged over at the Rife Observatory, to post 7 things about growing up...but I wasn't sure what to include or leave I posted a bit extra..
Here goes something.

[My sister's on the left, I'm on the right]

When I was a wee one:

1. I loved things my dad had. I wanted all his scarves, desk pens, and vintage stuff [which later he let me keep a few things, like his Polaroid and binoculars and a scarf or two, plus some aviators..he is generous]. I have always admired my dad for having impeccable taste, honestly, that's so rare for a guy...and guess what? My dad goes to thrift shops for fun and gets the coolest things & best deals.

2. When I was little, I protested to having any kinds of pets, because I knew I would feel so distraught if they suddenly passed away.

3. I loved to go to bookstores and libraries, and could spend hours and hours there, while time would rapidly pass by. So you can imagine..I was more excited for a new book rather than a new outfit, or toy...

4. I ran the fashion column for my school paper, in tenth grade...yes, I know how cheesy that sounds. But it was fun!

5. Much to my shame, in ninth grade, my incessant chatter during Spanish class would get me sent out in the hall [ahem almost everyday] to sit on the blue "punishment" chair.

7. One year, I was determined to win the spelling bee. I was one of the two people to make it out of my class, but my defeat came too I was beat in one of the next rounds.

8. I played basketball in middle school, and had an illusionary dream of being in the WNBA. Of all the outlandish notions!

9. My nephew, who is three years younger than me, was probably my best friend throughout my childhood years. I got along with him better than anyone, and we'd have the grandest time together occupied by much adventures and laughter.

10. I ran home from school everyday, afraid of missing my beloved Arthur show..

11. I really craved to be a detective and solve mysteries [Nancy Drew might have had something to do with it]

Looking back, I now see how ridiculous I was as a child..oh boy..

I'm not going to tag anyone, but if you read this, you definitely should do a post like this too.


  1. hahaha Arthur was such a good show

  2. 1, 2, 3, and 10 sounds soooo much like me when i was little. haha so cute :)

    p.s. my jacket is from Old Navy ;)

  3. haha so cute! i ran home in order to make it in time for Recess :P but i did get up a little earlier to watch the morning edition of arthur (i think it was like at 6:30 or something)

    i love bookstores and libraries! we MUST have a Powel's date sometime soon!

  4. hahaha nancy drew homemade video :)