Thursday, December 2, 2010


My parents have the most ridiculous tree, that we first got ever since I was a baby. It is a huge fake tree. Arrayed with atrocious silver tinsel and random pops of color everywhere, it has no color scheme; this thing screams for attention. It is crowned with one of those cheesy angels on top, and a cute old Santa Claus is placed underneath. Simple is not this tree's creed, just the opposite. Two sets of lights are always placed on it, the regular white ones and then the rainbow ones (surprised? I think not). Some of the ornaments we've gotten 16 years ago and still have! So I remember all of them. It's probably the most obnoxious and ridiculous tree you've ever seen..but it has grown on me. Albeit, I love it! It's my most favorite tree in the world, and even if it was placed next to a neat classy one, I would pick mine hands down! I miss this old tree. In fact, if my parents ever got rid of it, I'd be very unhappy. When I was younger, after everyone in my household would crawl under their blankets and no creatures were longer stirring, I'd stay up by the fireplace looking at that tree and just delighting in it. Mom said that they already put up the tree this year!! I think I'll have to take a picture for you when I go visit. It sure is a sight for sore eyes ;).


  1. Ha ha!
    PLEASE take some pictures of your obnoxious tree. That sounds really wonderful and ridiculous.

    Isn't it funny how those quirky little traditions just grow on you as you get older?
    I feel lately like I NEED things to be "just like they used to be" for holidays and such.

  2. hahaha. i love festive trees. i think i would like this festive tree of yours as well.

  3. yay im excited to see this tree of yours :)

  4. haha I better get evidence of this tree on camera then :)
    Becca-I know what you mean!

  5. This tree sounds amazing! Please take a picture!! I love old family trees and ornaments...cheesy but so homey and familiar.

  6. There is just something so sentimental about them.