Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nanny Diaries

And thus, I must begin the nanny diaries. A mini-series that relates my own nanny experience with my wild niece and nephew. Their parents are in Mexico till Saturday..and so since I am one of their last young single (therefore available to help) and (beloved I hope) aunts, it has befallen on me to watch these cuties. It didn't occur to me how much work I would have to put in. However, it has been a blessing to be able to serve and get to know them better. Perhaps, you'd like a run-down of our schedule? Waking up at 6:40 [barely], doing Angela's hair [she likes braid concoctions], breakfast [french toast, anyone?], studying for history and science tests [thermal energy wha?], checking homework [no, I will not write an essay for you.], dinner ["no more borsh'' they demanded], present wrapping [you know..elementary gift exchanges], dealing with separation anxiety [I get anxious when they fight and so I must separate them], tucking into bed [all three of us in their parent's least it's huge right?], and Prince Caspian story time [they like when I read in British accents], followed by Bible time and a prayer fort [needed: flashlight, blanket, and prayer, neat]. And I left out other details. Can you believe it? I have huge respect for what my sister does now. Whoaaaa. I wish I was more cool like Mary Poppins and could sing. Now, that's a superb nanny. I guess the closest I'll ever amount, is popping a musical into the dvd player. Oh well.....wish me patience, blessings, and for my sanity to remain intact :)

*oh oh, lest you think that I can make borsh..let me be honest, and say that the borsh they were complaining about was my sister's borsh...I have never made borsh, and still do not know how. My mother is outraged. I am an object of scorn among the Russian society, and get sentences thrown at me such as "what if your husband will love borsh?! What then?!" Okay, so it's not that dramatic. But, I assure you all one day..I will..learn how to make borsh.

*I said British case you are confused, there is indeed more than one type of British accent..
if you are interested in obtaining a British accent, I am considering giving lessons. Contact me.

*I understand separation anxiety can be a serious issue, and am by no means making light of it. Only pointing out a minor form of it.

*Braid concoctions: Yes, I do hair. Contact me if you want a braid for a special occasion like a wedding or birthday. My services include: a side braid, mean messy bun, and the "updo" (a fancier way of me saying pathetic ponytail). So yeah give me a call.


  1. haha you crack me up girly :)
    glad youre having a good time

    hope you return in one piece :)

  2. Hey dearest, thank you for stopping bye at my blog an leaving such a adorable comment! I love your blog too and your passion for Christ is Im your new follower :-)
    Love it!
    happy wknd to you :-)


  3. 'Alo Alla...
    You told me about your blog earlier in the quarter... haven't looked at it until now. You got a nice little blog... been enjoying reading past posts.

    Have a great Christmas... enjoy Seattle!

    p.s. got any snow over there?

    p.p.s. sign me up for british accent lessons

    p.p.p.s. ... and a side hair braid

  4. hahaha thanks for stopping by Jonathon and showing an interest in all my business undertakings

  5. OH MY!!! Isn't it crazy how easy we make it seem for people to be moms?? Then find out it is MUCH MUCH harder??
    Alla this is amazing!!
    You've been reading Narnia to kids in (multiple)british accents.... It does appear as if I'm not alone :)