Thursday, December 30, 2010


"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."

I am learning compassion right now. Loving others by being compassionate. Nobody's "lawn is greener"; everyone has their battles, we may not know them, but all people struggle with something and everyone has their weaknesses. I am learning to be understanding. How could I not be when my own shortcomings are vividly displayed before me all the time? That would be total hypocrisy.

And right about now I have to pack for a fun New Years cabin trip. I can't decide how I feel about packing. I think I both like and hate it. It's a love/hate relationship. Hope you all have a splendid New Years as you reminisce over the past year and prepare to face the upcoming year with hope and a renewed strength that only the Lord can provide :)



  1. such a good quote, I remember reading that in Dale Carnegie's book (highly recommended).
    I wrote something similar to this once too

  2. oh alla. i adore that i'm spending the new year with you! thank you for being so compassionate to me. it is very appreciated.

  3. yeah, that was a good post, artem
    kae, I've had a wonderful time with y'all

  4. just found your blog - so lovely!
    could i ask where you're from?

    thank you for the encouraging posts!


  5. Beth, I'm from Vancouver, Washington
    and it's a privilege to have encouraged you :)

  6. ah what a beautiful place! haven't been there, but to vancouver, bc... so i can imagine it's just lovely

  7. It's very lush, green, and country-esque, so I love that!