Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Comfort Me

Lord hear my plea
Come comfort me
My heavy burdens at your feet I lay
Help me to find your rest without delay
Finish this race in your enabled victory
Meet your face wrapped in full glory
Want to fight to the best of my ability
To lose the pride, and embrace humility
Help me cultivate that heavenly mind
Leave all the earthly worries behind
To make you the focus of my adoration
To always come to you first, no hesitation
Lord make these things complete in me
And till my last breath, your servant to be


  1. Awww.
    He loves that!

    You know [as he wrote in his book] God is looking to strengthen the person whose heart is fully His.


    I hope your day is lovely and filled with happy holiday cheer!

  2. thank you Becca!

    His strength is all I want to rest upon.
    Hope you have an awesome day too!