Monday, December 6, 2010


I have decided I will stop inflicting harm on my hair with a straightener. I am going three months without straightening my hair. It's my new challenge. Natural, yeah. I'm sick of wasting time straightening my hair. Hello waves and curliness. I'm stuck with you for life. Phew.. glad I got that out there, and off my back.

Wow, I just made a blog post about hair! I can't believe it! This is highly abnormal activity...should I be concerned about myself?


  1. well it is 2 in the morning haha
    finals week does things to you :)

    jk, everyone loves talking about hair and i love the natural you :)
    should i stop wearing make up? its also a waste of time...

  2. I think you're beautiful without makeup :)
    I, also, like the natural you!
    But it's your choice.
    I think putting on eyeshadow is fun! Now we're talking about makeup on my blog..this can't be happening. haha.

  3. hahahaha
    good stuff

    what kind of eye shadow do you use?

  4. I love using colors like brown, purple, or know staying in the color zone for green eyes..


  5. I cannot recall. All that's coming to mind are the geography terms I've been pounding into my brain for the past day or so.

  6. do. it!

    sometimes it's hard to resist the strong pull to "perfect" yourself with plenty of makeup and hair straightening and highlighting and TIME [he he].
    but do it! you'll be glad.

  7. i think i needa do this challenge too.. but my hairs not as curly as yours. haha I can't believe you actually made a blog post about it.. lol. now we'll keep you accountable to it :)

  8. i've thought about doing this for so long!
    your radicalness is such an inspiration to me alla

  9. Andrey, so pleased to have inspired you! Can't wait to see those waves..bahah.

  10. haha alla you are so cute! this pretty much made my morning :)

  11. I totally need to take up this challenge with you! I cringe at the thought of how much time I spend with the straightener, and how much damage I inflict on my locks. :/

  12. alla! i think thats a wonderful challenge! i did that during the summer a year ago. i realized that i have lots of time on my hands! there are more important things to do!
    olya, i think you should try going without makeup for a little bit. i tried it before, but all i got was "mary, are you sick?". haha. lol. never again!

  13. Good point about having more time, Mary. Sounds like a good deal to me.

  14. This a good challenge. I'm sure you'll learn to love the natural side :)

  15. haha Mary,
    Im sorry..
    I went one day without it this week :)
    not so bad id say