Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tiny break

Dearest reader. Stop. Decided to write in a form of telegram. Stop. Don't know why I'm doing this. Stop. It's sort of fun. Stop. Try it sometime. Stop. I think I'm now going to stop. Stop. Anyhow..due to this darn thing they supposedly call mathematics, I've begun to realize I need to rethink my life. Ha. Well, not rethink my entire life..but my time management. I hope you all won't mind if I take a wee bit of a break from my blog, you see I'm welcoming this sweet guest into life, named discipline, while shooing away slack (can I call it that? do they call it that?). It has long overstayed its welcome.

My regards,

p.s. you will be hearing again from me in due time.


  1. Please dont stop! Stop.
    horray for late night posts!
    I will be missing your posts and awaiting your return... In the meanwhile I will comfort myself by re-reading your old posts ;)
    love ya and hope you can figure all your math out

  2. Ha ha ha
    I like the way you wrote this- and totally admire you for wanting more discipline in your life.
    Don't worry about blogging! Live life, and come back when you can. We'll still be here waiting :)

  3. Thanks for being so understanding guys :)