Friday, November 12, 2010


Do you have any recollection of a time in your life when you were particularly feeling worried about something or even afraid? I have a plethora, unfortunately. When I have a temptation to worry again, abide in confusion, or question God about what He is doing...I take a gander at the past. Instantly specific situations are brought to mind, where I was feeling uneasy about something and found it hard to trust God.

That was very ridiculous of me. Now, I see how all those situations were decidedly put into my life for my good. Throughout everything, He never left me and was always by my side.

The next time we are tempted to give in to worry, let us remind ourselves that if we are God's children, He is for us not against us. Just think about it..the people you trust are the ones who have proven themselves faithful in the past, you know that they are good and love you, and they can always be reliable. You can confirm this because you know them.

Has God not proven Himself enough for us? How many circumstances does it take for us to finally see His goodness and realize we can trust in Him? Or will we always live in disbelief, subconsciously telling Him.."Lord, I just need proof of your love once more and then I can deem you trustworthy". How dare we. The funny thing, though, is that He doesn't even need to prove anything to us. If we know Him we know it is in his nature to be all wise, all good, and so full of love and mercy. How could we not trust a God like that? Not to mention, a God who we can call our Father.


  1. I am SO loving your thoughtful God posts!
    This is absolutely true, and wonderful.

    And doesn't the fact that we call Him our Father confirm so much of His love already? Jesus taught us the meaning of love by buying our salvation and our fellowship. How awesome!

  2. Definitely awesome! The cross is the ultimate example of His wondrous