Monday, November 8, 2010

A remedy

I present to you an excellent quote by Mr. Spurgeon:
“If they are driven to their wits’ end, they may still go to the mercy-seat….Let us never forget to pray, and let us never doubt the success of prayer… Mirth and carnal amusements are a sorry prescription for a mind distracted and despairing. Prayer will succeed where all else fails.”

Sometimes when I am distracted or despairing about something, I do not always want to pray. In fact, I can turn to other things to distract myself even more. And that never fixes anything. Prayer is the only real remedy I have.


  1. Sooo true. Spurgeon just has a way of wording truths huh. I, too, very often get distracted, or distract myself with things, and then I find myself without a desire to pray. Yet it is so important.

  2. Prayer is the way our faith is expressed, and it greatly portrays our relationship with God. I hate how I can often minimize how crucial it is.

  3. I can totally relate as well,
    often I think if I am not doing well I gotta first "clean up" myself before coming to God, but thats all backwards.