Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Over yonder

Pretty soon, I'll be flying (by myself) over yonder to where my parents live. Sure, it's a short flight, but it'll be fun. According to hearsay, there are mounds of snow like buckets being dropped from the sky in that part of Washington. It probably looks like a blissful winter wonderland that one can compare with to the likes of Narnia. I will be very wary of strange looking doors and suspicious if I come across any closets containing wool coats..hmm...
I am going away for almost two weeks. And for the first week, I'll be a nanny, babysitting my niece and nephew (while their parents are in Mexico..lucky much?). They're both not babies anymore, so we can actually do fun activities together! I am filled with excitement and I have much fun planned for those kids.
I'll betray a bit of what will be going down in my hometown:
Exciting stories, Christmas movies, Christmas magic, volcano making, gingerbread house making, gift wrapping, snow forts, indoor forts, snowball fights, sledding, snowman making contests, games, and much more. Oh the bliss.
Also, I get to see some of my dear old friends. Hoorah. One of the best parts: mom and dad! I miss those two.
Can't wait !
p.s. I'm sure I'll still miss my home over here though...
correction: I know I will ;)


  1. I like that picture so, so much!
    And, you're going to Washington??
    Where in Washington?
    My sister lives there!

  2. Oh, how exciting! I really do love that quote on the picture. It's so true! It's not the house, nor the city that makes home home. It's the people!

  3. Becca-it's Spokane. Where does your sister live?
    Nicole-isn't that the truth!
    Artem-I will try, although I don't know the policy and regulations of bringing snow on a plane. But maybe I'll luck out! ;)