Friday, November 19, 2010


Sometimes, when you are a Christian for a while, you forget that once upon a time you weren't a Christian. People start telling you that they see God changing you, and this excites you, because of course it's proof that you're His child. But then, after your walk with God is not so novel to you anymore, you began to subconsciously forget who you were and what He delivered you from. You may even start thinking that you are so "godly" and admire your goodness. Ick. But I think we're all tempted with this.
The day before yesterday, I told somebody my testimony. Ironically, it ended up encouraging me perhaps even more than them. I remembered where I was when God found me. The day He found me, I was a horrid girl living for myself, confused, empty, and scared. I didn't think I had hope. I did not love Him, but He poured out His love on me. He rescued me, and gave me hope and a future with Him.
No matter where I'm at with my walk with God or where I will be in many years down the road...I never want to forget that girl I once was the day He found me. It's vital to be reminded that all the good in us, is only because of Him. It's vital never to puff up or think we've done anything on our own. Anything beautiful in us, is not what we have contributed, but because of His grace.
Next time you are tempted to puff up..remember who you were, when He found you.


  1. alla, you keep on writing, okay?
    this is good stuff, and it always is!
    I love reading what you have to say!

  2. Becca, that is very encouraging :) thanks!