Sunday, November 7, 2010


I love meeting new people of various ages and backgrounds. And one of my pastimes is actually being at the dinner table when we have guests over. I love to listen. I enjoy hearing their life-story and about their past, and just about them. I learn something new every time. It truly is fascinating to recognize how many various people live in the world. If we’re going to be stuck up and think that we are too cool for different people we aren’t going to experience anything; in fact, it only closes our doors and makes us lame. It limits our perspective and helps us remain stuck in our own little world. Not to mention, this mentality is very childish and prideful. When we come in contact with certain people they may challenge us, inspire us, and convict us. No, they won’t sit you down and try to directly challenge you. But they might behave in a specific way that cannot help but challenge you, and make you wonder why you aren’t doing the same. Most likely, the guests’ goal for the evening was not to inspire you, but they might verbally declare something that you have not even regarded as vital before and all of a sudden you find yourself inspired to do more. No, they probably don’t intend to admonish you at dinner, especially since they're fairly new, and do not know you or your blunders too well, but God may use them as a tool to speak truth into your life with them being completely unaware of it. They utter a phrase, or life lesson that another may zone out, and it dawns on you that it’s the exact sort of thing you needed to hear. You are now convicted. Plus, people are truly so interesting. They all have a story to tell. They are like walking talking books with different interests and information. How could you not be curious? And now you see why I adore guests and dinner parties.


  1. I agree, every single person has something that we can learn from them, because everyone perceives reality in a different way and their experiences might be able to change or transform our own way of thinking. Plus it's cool to just hear about the lives of other people..

  2. hey
    you should invite me over for dinner
    haha :)

  3. I think I will have to do that sometime.