Monday, November 29, 2010


It is past Thanksgiving, and I'm still thankful. I am thankful for everything I have. But I am most thankful for Christ.

You are so beautiful, I want to be more beautiful like you. To be a reflection of you, in order for your name to be praised. I'm thankful for your cross. I run there and throw my hypocritical, cowardly self at your feet. There is freedom and peace found in you, let me find more of that. Let me forsake all things I cling to, in order to know more of you.



  1. I am most thankful for Christ too! When I fail so much, it encourages me to know that my salvation isn't based on what I do, but on what Christ has already done :)

  2. It's so important to daily remember that the sole purpose for our lives is for Christ to be glorified. It's the moments when I realize how small I am, and how amazingly beautiful and glorious Christ is, that I am most alive. Thanks for an encouraging post!