Friday, October 22, 2010


After relinquishing my closet, drawers, and shelves of all their contents, and tossing away heaps of inconspicuous rubbish, I can finally say my room is spic and span. Oh yes, I can breathe now....except not literally, because I have a stuffy nose from this darn cold..but that's a different subject. Interesting that, when my room is organized, everything else feels more organized too. Tis a good thing.
Deep cleaning your room is actually very amusing and helpful.
Amusing, because you discover old notes, cards, and maybe even a few parking citations that make you chuckle to yourself.
And helpful, because you might discover papers with old sermon notes, journal entries, prayer lists, or even resolutions you had written a year ago and have forgotten to work on. A pretty helpful reality check.
Try it one of these days.



  1. Congrats! I need to do that some day too.. its tough though cleaning out clutter, because I don't know what to keep for memory or what to just throw away.. indecisiveness at it's best! :P

  2. Alla, I'd have to completely agree with you, deep cleaning your room is very helpful, amusing and I must add, it's quite fun too! I know that for myself. It's interesting, every time I deep clean my room, my 'to do' list actually gets longer. I find old letters to reply to, or some things to read over again... Hmm, this reminds me.. I think there is still some unfinished work in my room :)
    Great post!

  3. Hope you ladies get that unfinished work done :) it's very rewarding.

  4. i love cleaning my room!
    but i can usually never finish it