Monday, October 18, 2010


Today I saw photographs of a wedding. It wasn't like any wedding I'd ever seen. I'm not referring to the structure, dresses, and decoration of the event...although very darling, I might add. What brought me to amazement and tears, unashamedly so, was the couple. This is what self-less love looks like, the kind of love only Jesus could ever bring about. She is one bride with an incredibly beautiful soul. I urge you to visit their blog and read into their story. See the rest of the pretty photos here.


  1. I know!!!
    This totally made me cry too
    Ive been thinking about it all day
    this is true love

  2. you can't post these kinds of things for me to read while i'm at work! tears everywhere!

  3. haha girls and their emotional breakdowns...

  4. Oh Artem..
    Irina told me she heard faint sobs from your room the night you read this..
    it's okay, we're all in this together.