Sunday, September 26, 2010


heart of mine functions as a robot. Quickly so apathetic, quickly so uncaring, quickly so unloving. It functions as a king. Quickly so self-focused, quickly so self-centered, quickly so controlling. It functions as an enemy. Quickly so deceiving, quickly so off track, quickly so ungodly. It functions as a bomb. Quickly so rash, quickly so damaging, quickly self-destructive. It functions as a rock. Quickly so hardened, quickly so cold, quickly so unbreakable.

but Your truth functions:
as an alarm, giving off a warning signal
as a light in the dark, exposing reality
as clarity in uncertainty, giving me understanding
as water in a dry land, refreshing me
as an anchor on a boat, granting me stability
as a key to a prison, setting me free

Jesus I run to you.