Monday, September 13, 2010

Momentary Illusion

There's too many people out there who imagine they are a minority by setting a unique path and following their dreams and desires, living under an illusion that they are somehow special and prominent. In actuality, these seemingly special people will perish soon enough and will be replaced by others, leaving a small mark of "I was here" on earth that will probably not be recalled by anyone after a time. All their lives they fight for self-assertion and for what? Their perception is skewed, because they're biased. They look at life from the lense called "my viewpoint". But nobody cares. When their time will come, they will be buried and long gone. They will be buried in a cemetery with a bunch of deceased people that aren't known, and that almost nobody remembers anymore. Morbid but true. So how can life count then? We are not as important as we perceive ourselves to be. There's something greater, Someone more worthy of our worship. All attempts to raise ourselves up are vain, futile, and ridiculous. I'd much rather be part of God's momentous production where He takes center stage, than fight and struggle for my own puny little show that will amount to nothing in the end.


  1. Wow..

    I think this post is divinely inspired because
    God just convicted me so clearly through it


  2. Wow, really? That's awesome. Praise God :)
    I was actually going through my old journal entries from a while back, when I reread this entry I too was convicted by it so I thought I'd share.

  3. Gasp!

    What a piercing thought.
    Why do I continue in the vanity of the selfish efforts instead of building up Gods kingdom?
    So foolish.

    Btw Alla, you need to write a book

  4. Yeah Olga, we are pretty pathetic creatures, thank God for grace. And the book thing, I wish!

  5. no seriously alla,
    just sit down and start writing it