Tuesday, September 21, 2010

If I ever

even had the slightest audacity to venture into the world of "trying to write a book that people would actually read", such an exciting but frightening thought, I would want to write something that would glorify God. And no offense to Francine Rivers or anything, but I would NOT write "Christian" romance novels. I'm pretty sure those books under the label of Christian are tools that can be used to infiltrate a girls mind and fill it with unnecessary false dreams and garbage. So I don't endorse those. But if I did start writing a story, I'd want your feedback on it. After all, I am a total amateur. But If I did write something, I'd probably begin it like this:

The Foundlings

Each one of them was separated at birth from their mother. The infant was born, and a protective seal was immediately plastered on its eyes, so that it could not see things plainly as they were. A certain virus was injected into them at birth. A virus, so lethal, that in the instance of its injection it spread into all faculties of the young one’s body permeating everything and not withholding itself from any cell. They were then enrolled into an army, to be trained for the rest of their lives, and be employed into a life-long battle against an enemy. All they knew was what they were told from the beginning. They did not know the enemy they were fighting against but they detested him already. The creatures wanted him dead. A poison was passed around every year at the facility. At first, they were forced to drink the horrid contraption, but as time went by they begged for it. The creatures wanted the poison; their bodies asked for it, their insides craved it, and every fiber in their being felt like it was going to erode if it weren’t going to receive it for quite some time. Gradually, they become uglier and uglier, but because of the plaster at birth, they were blind to the viciousness of their appearance. In fact, they looked beautiful to each other. These anomalous creatures turned into monsters.

So please give me your feedback. Does it sound stupid? Is it bearable? Must I delete this passage, crumple it up, and start on something else? Would you want to see me do more with it?
Thanks for your feedback and reading this long post guys :)


  1. AWESOME!!!
    im so excited for your book!!

  2. it sounds like that RC Sproul story we listened to at youth..

  3. darn it.
    that's exactly what I was NOT going for haha..
    I'll have to brew up some other idea.

  4. I don't know if I should write something fictional or realistic or what.
    I guess it will come to me. I officially have writer's block, and I'm not even an official writer ha.

  5. If I were to write a book, I would probably write something about the end of the world, but not like Left Behind.. Something cooler, like the perspective of someone who gets raptured and witnesses everything from heaven..
    But I'll probably never write a book so you can have that idea if you want

  6. alla! i love it! please write more!

  7. ohhhh my goodness Alla!!! I have no words to describe it...)) it's simply amazing nothing I could ever come up with...keep up the good work :)
    P.S. i so agree with you about christian romances :)

  8. Thank you for your kind words Lera :)
    means a lot!