Thursday, September 2, 2010

day of birth

I don't understand why God blesses me so much. I am blessed with family, friends, and salvation..not to mention the minor details (which would not be minor if I didn't have them) like a roof over my head, health, clothes, food, and other necessities we grow accustomed to having. It overwhelms me when I think of the waterfall of goodness He pours over me. It literally leaves me feeling overwhelmed and astonished. Why does he love me? I don't deserve it. He chose me to be His child when I did not love Him. He humbled himself and died for me, when all my pride had me living for myself. This August 31st the Lord has blessed me with another year of life, to amount to a total of 18 years. I am humbled by His kindness. There is nothing more humbling for me, than seeing His faithfulness compared to my lack of, or noticing His love compared to my apathy. At the end of the day, when I know I could have lived more worthy of my calling but didn't and when I know I deserve every reprimand He could give..and I almost expect this punishment but instead He welcomes me with open arms on account of Jesus and treats me like His child and blesses me..that's when I'm most humbled. I'm brought to my knees, and can't handle this love.



  1. Thank you Jesus!
    I am ovewhelmed with blessings as well..
    blessings like having a friend like you :)

    happy birthday love