Tuesday, August 10, 2010

wild animals at home?

Sometimes, the little moments are the ones that you want to cling to for a long time. Seldom do you realize you are having one of those wondrous little life moments, until after you look back, recount that memory, and confirm to yourself, with a yearning to experience it again, that it was truly one of those moments. I was lucky enough to have one of these moments recently... I am truly a blessed and undeserving girl, because they happen to me quite often. I was cuddled in the corner of my room, pillows set, blanket sprawled, and good book in hand. Silence dominated in the household, because naturally it is always like that at 12am. I received a shy knock on my door. In came my niece, Diana, "Can I stay here for a while?" Of course, I consented. So she made herself comfortable on my couch, and grabbed her favorite read. Minutes later Sergey, my nephew, who never thinks it is necessary to ask for my consent regarding his stay in my room (I've grown used to it :), also sauntered into my little inhabitance. So we stayed up reading all together in my room. It was the cutest thing ever. Oh how I love these kids. They mean the world to me. Oh and lest you deceive yourself by gathering skewed speculations about these two characters..like they are the most peaceful children you've ever heard about and such..let me destroy those thoughts now by declaring that you have noooo idea. I don't need to go to a zoo, I've got these wild animals at home. It's when they're not immersed in their books that the wild comes out. Someone wise did once say "there is a wild thing in all of us".


  1. i believe i was that wise one who said there is a wild thing inside each of us. or maybe not. come over alla!

  2. Oh yeah, that was you Kae. ha.
    I'd love to come over.