Saturday, May 1, 2010


Seventeen years of sin nesting inside
Years cultivated by selfishness and pride

My heart is my greatest enemy
Its powerful grip tries to overtake me

In my inner being, a battle wages war
Before sin rushes in, I have to close the door

Seemingly unimportant choices will bear a great weight
When I will stand at eternity's gate

I'm not going to finish running the race
If a crutch will be needed to keep up with the pace

When emotions are deceitful and all looks bleak
When my character fails and my flesh is so weak

When I know I have nothing to prove and no strength to press on
If night feels like it will never turn into dawn

I will act on what I know to be true
My righteousness is not based on what I do

You've already took me, brought me out
Your glory is what my life is about

I reject the garbage of this world
I hold onto what I know, and the truth I'm told

I reject the state of the pressing situation
I look on Christ, even though my soul feels agitation

Lord, take me and change me from the inside out
Fill me with hope, get rid of this doubt

My heart is like a poison, if I give it leeway it will spread
Jesus, though all screams in my inner being, I cling to you instead
I'll cling to you instead


  1. seventeen years?? wow.. same here. its been a long time. Awesome poem.. almost like the puritans :)

  2. psh, you can't compare this with what the Puritans wrote (I am not at that level), but thank you ha :).