Friday, April 16, 2010


My dear readers,
the weekend is finally here. A much needed break at an appropriate time. You see, this week feels like it has been jam packed. So, I'm meeting these next few days with glee and relief. Also, this week proved itself to be such a learning experience, it is puzzling how much you can learn in just a seemingly "ordinary" day of your life. This weekend will consist of shopping with a friend for two celebrations, a bridal shower (for a certain lady named Kae), baking for those gatherings, morning tennis, a volunteer meeting, planning for our group's Sunday school lesson and some study time. Hold on, did I say I was relieved for this weekend? I'd like to rethink that statement. Just what am I relieved about?
By the way, I'm assigned to make food for our morning book club meeting this Sunday..guess what I'm going to attempt? If you said breakfast pizza, you are correct.


  1. Hi from Maui, just checking on you here. Yep this is Danik, well glad to see you posting. Aloha

  2. Hey Danik! Hope you guys are having a great time over there! Can't wait to see you all soon. Give Katie a warm hello from me.

  3. mm.. you know your free to drop by anytime at 6am and make me this for breakfast :)

  4. You know, I've always wanted to do that.