Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Gah, I love playing with kids. I get the priviledge of playing with them a lot. I have adorable nieces and nephews, and they require much attention and giddy play. And when I volunteer at the Fort, my friend Luda always puts me in the kids section. If that's not enough, I help my sister out with a handful of tiny tots ready for their crackers and Bible story (sunday school). But I'm not tired of those amusing creatures. They are so great. What is it about children that I adore? Really, what's not to like? Their eyes are full of life, and they are filled with simplicty, honesty, and a real excitement for the little things. Taking each day as it comes, they are not worried about anything, because they know they're in safe hands. Why do so many of us lose that wonder as we get older?

photos by Olga Mikhaylenko

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