Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Renovation decoration

Your room is a place that makes a statement about you. Sometimes the pile of clothes says "he's pretty rushed". Or that teddy bear sprawled on your bed can declare "she misses being a kid." That stack of books can utter "she does want to learn". Perhaps the pearl strands announce "she likes pretty things". And the picture of your family placed on the stand can state "he holds his family very dear". Unfortunately, that unorganized stack of papers show that "she ain't too organized". Also, a secret chocolate stash shouts "yep, she's a typical girl". Whatever the room looks like and whatever it contains, it does say something about the inhabitant. I want my room to give off a cozy and inspiring feeling, so that it can put in a good word for me to any curious visitor who comes around; especially at unexpected moments. Your room should be a good place to chill, reflect, and work. With that said, here are a few items I want to get my hands on to dapper up my room a bit. In addition to that, I'd like to maybe paint it a pastel blue? And possibly paint my own design somewhere in a corner or something. I'm indecisive, I guess time will tell.
Random items wanted for my room:
-a globe
-necklace holder
-sweet pillows for couch
-vintage tea set
Once I renovate my room, I'll post some pictures up. But it won't be for a while, so patience please..
Oh and I'd like some neat bookends. These bookends can be found at Barnes & Noble. Great for a shelf and some books.