Friday, February 26, 2010


Me starting a blog? Unusual. Frankly, I was very hesitant to do so at first. I mean there are a million other blogs out there. And who reads half of them?! I guess I didn't want to be part of the irrelevant blog mass. My pride was kicking in. After some thought, I decided I should start one anyway. I mean a place to post your thoughts, adorations, and new finds does sound appealing. So here I am, and you should stick around too.


  1. wohoo!
    im excited for your blog :)

  2. allachka, i'm with you! the way you experess yourself is totaly worth reading! even if its about your love for dodling, or tea. =) my ears (or in this case eyes and thoughts) are all yours! i shall visit often.
    <3 mary kuzkina

  3. Thank you Mary, I appreciate your feedback! I will be most glad to have you.